Kahlua Club

Our mission is to serve people who crave unique flavors, experiences, and ideas while creating opportunities for chefs to showcase their creativity.
kahlua club

Kahlua has been in the Entertainment field since 1994 and it is considered to be the best Club in Skiathos and one of the best Clubs in Greece. Excellent service for a glamorous club guarantees that your nights in Skiathos Island will be unforgettable. All those years many known dj’s have performed all kinds of music at it’s best. Mainstream Music is mostly played @ the club.

Actually after all those years one thing is certain. You will never find anyone that has been in Skiathos and has never had a drink at Kahlua. Everyone knows Kahlua, even people that have never been in Skiathos.

Kahlua Restaurant

Kahlua Restaurant

We’re proud of the restaurant we’ve created and the community of staff and customers who have become good friends. Most of all, we’re proud that we can share our passion for good food with you and look forward to seeing you soon.

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